Handmade Bracelet Ximena




Beautiful handmade bracelet with the magic of Mexican artisans, of attractive colors with silk thread and beads. It’s beautiful beadwork. Without a doubt, they are pieces that mark the heart of the world and represent México.

Due to the artisan process that our accessories are made, designs and color codes may vary in each piece. We recommend you contact us before purchase any item to confirm you if they’re available, thank you for helping us promote Mexican Art!

Información adicional

Peso 0.009 lbs
Dimensiones 7.87 × 3.93 × 0.78 in

Amarillo, Amarillo 1, Amarillo 2, Amarillo c/ negro, Azul, Azul Celeste, Azul marino, Azul petróleo, Azul Rey, Beige, Beige c/ café, Beige with brown, Beige/Dark Salmon/Purple, Black, Black with Jade, Black/Blue, Black/Brown, Black/Green, Black/Multicolor, Black/Pink, Black/Purple, Black/White, Black/Yellow, Blanco, Blanco c/ amarillo, Blanco c/ amarillo 1, Blanco c/ amarillo 2, Blanco c/ azul, Blanco c/ café, Blanco c/ gris, Blanco c/ jade, Blanco c/ lila, Blanco c/ morado, Blanco c/ negro, Blanco c/ rojo, Blanco c/ rosa, Blanco c/ verde, Blue, Blue Denim, Blue King, Blue/Multicolor, Blue/Purple, Brown, Brown 1, Brown 2, Brown 3, Bugambilia, café, Café 1, Café 2, Café 3, Café c/ Blanco, Coral, Crimson/Royal Blue, Dark Blue, Dark Goldenrod, Dark Orchid/Dark Salmon/White, Dark purple, Dark Red/Dodger Blue/Yellow, Deepsky Blue/Blue/Navy, Dodger Blue/Deepsky Blue/Lightsky Blue, Dodger Blue/Deepsky Blue/Turquoise, Dodger Blue/Yellow/Orange/Red, Dorado, Forest Green, Forest Green/Green/Yellow, Fuchsia, Fucsia, Gold, Gold/Orange/Maroon, Gold/Orangered/Red, Gold/Orangered/Turquoise, Gold/Yellow, Gray, Gray/Multicolor, Green, Green 1, Green 2, Green/Dark Red/Orangered/Yellow, Green/Limegreen/Yellow, Green/Turquoise, Green/Yellow/Orangered, Greenyellow, Gris, Gris c/ Blanco, Jade, Light Blue, Light Blue/Dodger Blue/Dark Blue, Light Pink/Gold, Light Purple, Lightsky Blue/Blue/Medium Blue, Lightsky Blue/Blue/Navy, Limegreen, Limegreen/Orange/Maroon, Maroon/Orange/Yellow, Medium Blue/Blue, Medium Blue/Blue/Lightsky Blue, Mediumblue, Morado, Multicolor, Multicolor 1, Multicolor 2, Multicolor 3, Multicolor 4, Multicolor 5, Multicolor 6, Multicolor 7, Multicolor 8, Multicolor 9, Naranja, Naranja c/ negro, Navy, Navy/Blue/Deepsky Blue, Navy/Turquoise, Negro, Negro c/ jade, Negro/Azul, Negro/Café, Negro/Morado, Negro/Rosa, Negro/Verde, Olive, Olive/Navy, Orange, Orange/Gold/Green, Orange/Yellow, Orangered/Yellow/Turquoise, Orangered/Yellow/Yellowgreen, Orchid, Pink, Pink/Multicolor, Plateado, Purple, Purple/Beige, Purple/Dark Salmon/Beige, Red, Red/Beige, Red/Multicolor, Red/Orange/Gold, Red/Orangered/Gold, Red/Orangered/Yellow, Rojo, Rosa, Rosa pastel, Royal Blue, Saddiebrown, Shedron, Skyblue, Teal/Green/Yellow, Teal/Green/Yellowgreen, Tricolor, Turquesa, Turquesa c/ Blanco, Turquoise, Turquoise/Green, Turquoise/Orange/Orangered, Turquoise/Pink, Turquoise/Yellow, Turquoise/Yellow/Orangered, Uva, Variante 1, Variante 10, Variante 11, Variante 12, Variante 13, Variante 14, Variante 15, Variante 16, Variante 17, Variante 18, Variante 19, Variante 2, Variante 3, Variante 4, Variante 5, Variante 6, Variante 7, Variante 8, Variante 9, VERDE, verde 1, verde 2, Vino, White, White/Ambar, White/Aqua, White/Black, White/Blue, White/Brown, White/Crimson, White/Dark Cyan, White/Deepsky Blue, White/Fucsia, White/Gray, White/Green, White/Light Pink, White/Lightsea Green, White/Limegreen, White/Maroon, White/Misty Rose, White/Multicolor, White/Multicolor 1, White/Multicolor 2, White/Multicolor 3, White/Navy, White/Olive, White/Orange/Orangered, White/Orangered, White/Pink, White/Purple, White/Purple 2, White/Red, White/Skyblue, White/Violet, White/Yellow, White/Yellow 1, White/Yellow 2, White/Yellow/Orangered, White/YellowGreen/Green, Wine, Yellow, Yellow/Beige, Yellow/Green/Forestgreen, Yellow/Green/Teal, Yellow/Multicolor, Yellow/Orange/Maroon, Yellow/Orange/Turquoise, Yellow/Orangered/Maroon/Navy, Yellow/Orangered/Red, Yellow/Yellowgreen/Turquoise/Navy, Yellowgreen/Yellow/Deep Pink, Yellowgreen/Yellow/Orangered

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